Is it time for a marketing shake-up? Checklist for getting back on track.

How often do you review your marketing activity? Is it monthly? Quarterly? Or more likely, unless you have a dedicated marketing resource, the answer is closer to never. 

During this period after the busy summer months in West Cork, it's essential to evaluate what you've been doing, decide what's effective and what's not, and make a plan for the coming year. If you're in a business with a strong sales period around Christmas (or would like to be), it's the time to start planning your Christmas marketing strategy. 

Local businesses often find that they fall into a stasis where there marketing materials aren't changing as the seasons go by, which can mean the purpose of the marketing activity gets missed. 

Work through the below questions to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. If you answer each question, you should get a fairly good picture of where your strategy (or lack of) is currently, and how to get it back on track. 

1. Where is our marketing budget being spent?

2. Are the marketing messages for my business consistent across the board?

3. Do we know which marketing effort is generating enquires/sales?

4. Does our marketing reflect our company?

5. What are the short term and long terms goals for my business, and what changes should I make to my marketing efforts to get there?

Performing this exercise once a quarter will save you time and money, and ensure that the correct message is reaching the right market consistently. It will also help you trim the fat and stop spending money on marketing efforts that aren't yielding any results.

Need some help with your marketing? 

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