5 top retail social media trends of 2017/2018

If 2017 has taught us anything in retail, it's that social media continues to be big news and a big revenue driver. Social media has become a necessity for all retailers, especially in the run-up to key shopping periods. 

Here are our takeaways from 2017 and the trends to look out for in 2018:

1. It's all visual

Social media has continued in 2017 to be image dependant, and all posts need to be accompanied by an attractive image or video. Text only posts simply don't perform as well. When it comes to designing for social media, make sure to create images in the correct size for the platform you're using (full list here!) and keep the amount of text low. Remember, our graphic design team is on hand to prepare a full suite of social media appropriate visuals for you. 

2. Video

We've been talking a lot about video recently, but that's because we've seen almost all platforms encourage video uploads and the engagement on video is consistently higher than with text or image-only posts. Curious about how video could work for your business? Read our recent blog post on creating a social media video for your business for some tips to getting started. 

3. Retargeting

Imagine if you could pinpoint everyone who watched your promotional video, and deliver a new ad specifically to them? Well, with Facebook custom audience you can do just that. Retargeting is particularly useful for converting customers who have shown an interest in your products, services or content in the past. We can help you set up a retargeting campaign - get in touch to discuss your needs. 

4. Mobile first

With recent studies showing that 51.2% of all internet activity now comes from mobile devices, it's essential you're optimising your content and social posts for the smartphone. In practice, this means ensuring anything you're linking to is mobile-friendly and displays correctly on a smaller screen. It's always worth testing links on your own phone before sharing it on social media. 

5. Budget

As SproutSocial explains, "There’s no doubt social media algorithms make it harder for businesses to promote organic content. With the introduction of the Instagram algorithm in 2016, nearly every major social network uses some sort of content preferential treatment." In 2018, consider setting aside some of your marketing budget for social media. 

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