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How do you present your marketing materials to clients in a professional and concise way without overwhelming them? That's a question many local business owners have asked us, and it's a problem our own sales team had encountered. So we came up with a simple but hugely effective solution and we're so happy with the result that we want to share it with other local businesses. 

The solution was easy - we created a sales presentation folder that our sales team can take to client meetings or hand out to potential customers at events or presentations. Inside the attractive folder, there are a selection of marketing materials such as flyers, price lists and brochures that our customers can review at their leisure. 

We've found that these folders help our team make a polished and professional first impression, and as each one includes a business card with the contact details of the relevant salesperson, there's a clear point of contact for the client should they wish to pursue our services.

You can see an example of a folder we designed for a client below, and we've also shared some tips for making the most out of your new folders.

3 Tips for Building Your Sales Folder

1. Bear in mind that you may have all the required elements at hand already. Think about the flyers you use to promote your services at present, and the marketing materials like price lists that you share with customers. Could they be slotted into a folder to build up a marketing kit? If so, you're halfway there. 

2. Be brand aware. A professional folder is a great opportunity to present your brand name and logo in an impactful way. It's also a good idea to choose colours that complement your branding for a cohesive effect.

3. Identify the main issues that would cause someone to need your services, and address these clearly in your folder. Think about the top 3 to 5 frustrations or problems customers may have and how your product or service will solve their frustrations.

Case Study: Celtic Ross Hotel

The client wanted a clean and contemporary way of presenting marketing materials that set them apart from the crowd and impressed their target demographic. We designed a classic folder which incorporated their branding and used discreet but effective printing methods to convey professionalism and sophistication.

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