How to make the most out of your flyers

Flyers are a tried and tested way of attracting new customers, promoting your services and advertising your business. Even in the age of online and social media marketing, the demand for flyers hasn't waned, because they simply work

The beauty of flyers is that it can be kept and read at the audience's leisure - we've all seen them stuck on fridges or kept beside the phone. With that in mind, you'll want to put in the effort to make sure your flyers really work for your business. Below we've outlined some things to bear in mind while producing your next batch of flyers:

1. Attractive design

Your flyer should be well-designed using eye-catching details to ensures it gets noticed. A graphic designer will be able to incorporate your branding into the initial design to ensure your flyer is instantly recognisable.

2. dynamic content

Customers could easily forget the name of your business or what you're trying to sell them, but they will likely pay more attention to what your flyer is offering them. Make sure to include interesting content that illustrates why your business is different from others and how it can fulfil a need for your customer. 

3. Distribution

It's all very well and good having excellent flyers if nobody sees them. Get the word out about your business by displaying your flyers in your place of business and distributing them around the town. Ask other businesses if they will display your flyer at their counter and drop some off at the tourist office too. You could also think about organising a door-to-door drop, or inserting your flyer into a local newspaper or other publication.

PS: Don't forget to add contact details! 

A very common mistake that gets made is when businesses forget to add contact details on their flyer. You should make it very easy for customers to find your business, whether it's by adding a phone number, website URL or even a map. 

Need some help?

We're experts in designing effective flyers for a host of local businesses and we'd love to help you get the most out of your marketing budget. We can also help with distribution and inserts into The Southern Star. Get in touch today for a quote on your next project.