4 low-cost ways to market your local business

We often get approached by small local businesses who are looking for low cost ways to market their services. The fact is that small businesses often don't have the marketing budget to spend on big campaigns, and need plenty of bang for their buck from every cent they spend. 

Below we're sharing our top five low-cost ways to market your business:

1. Get Social

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, you'll know that social media marketing is essential for any small business. Whether you're a coffee shop or a hairdressers, gardener or accountant, Facebook is a great place to start getting your name out there. Not sure where to start with social media? Read our recent blog post 5 ways to grow your Facebook followers.

2. Flyers

Flyers are a cheap but extremely effective way of marketing your business. Although digital is becoming big news, we find that people still love to have a tangible product that they can browse at their leisure or refer back to. A well-designed flyer can do wonders for your business and attract new customers.

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3. Get involved

Get your name out in your target audience by getting involved in the local community. Host a coffee morning, sponsor a local event or donate a prize in a fundraiser to get your brand out there and introduce yourself to potential customers.

4. Special offer

Consider running an eye-catching promotion or special offer to bring people in to your business. Offering a product at a ground-breaking price for a limited time could attract lifelong customers who otherwise wouldn't have found you. 

Need help?

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