How to design the perfect business card | Star Creative Weekly

As business begins to move more towards digital, business cards have managed to retain their importance in the business world, and having a well-designed cards are very effective for making contacts and attracting new customers. 

Below are some tips for getting the most from your business cards:

1. Contact information

It should be a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how often people forget to add their contact details to their cards. Make sure to include full phone number (and mobile if applicable) as well as an email address, website URL and social media information. If your business has a physical storefront, add the address and think about including a map. 

2. Branding

Make sure your cards reproduce your logo and branding. Your business cards should act as a gateway to your website and so you should see the same design elements in both. Use the same colour schemes and typeface where possible.

3. Clear

Not everyone has good eyesight, so make sure the text is easy to read at a glance. All the important information should be presented concisely and attractively, with plenty of white space to prevent it looking cluttered.

Need help designing your business cards?

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