4 ways to market your business to overseas visitors this summer

As the days get longer and we approach tourist season in West Cork, it's a good time to rethink your marketing strategy for the coming months and consider the fact that visitors to the area could be converted into customers over the summer period. 

Here are some ideas we've thought of to make sure tourists and visitors know exactly what products and services you're offering:

1. Flyers

An old reliable, flyers work particularly well with overseas visitors who are looking for ideas of where to eat/shop/stay in the local area. We recommend designing a batch of simple flyers that illustrate exactly what your business offers and distribute them at tourist centres, hotel lobbies and other tourist hotspots. It's a good idea to include a picture of your shop front or map, so that people unfamiliar with the local area will still be able to find you. 

2. First impressions

Sure, every local knows where your business is and what it does, but what about visitors to the area? Take a walk across the road and look at your business from the outside. Could you do with a sandwich board outside to promote a particular product or service? Or could you benefit from an eye-catching window design or posters? These things are relatively inexpensive but could help travellers to the area notice your business. 

3. Be social 

...both in person and online. Make sure your brand has a presence at all local events and always present a cheerful and pleasant face to customers. Furthermore, make sure you have social media set up and update it regularly. More and more tourists are researching businesses in the area they plan to visit BEFORE they ever get on a plane, so make it easy for them to find you by maintaining an active social media account.

4. Advertise wisely

Advertising your business is essential, but make sure you're doing it in the right way. Think about the publications tourists are bound to pick up - maps, local attraction guides and event listings - and make sure your company has an suitable advert in each. These types of ads typically see high conversion rates leading to more sales.

Need help with marketing? 

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