How to encourage word of mouth marketing for West Cork businesses

Have you heard of word of mouth marketing? It's one of the oldest advertising techniques in the book, and even in the age of social media and digital marketing, it's still one of the most important strategies to employ. Essentially, word of mouth marketing consists of encouraging your customers to recommend your products or services to their friends or family.

Why is word of mouth so essential? Well, it's well known that a recommendation from a friend influences 92% of all customers to make a purchase. Below are a few techniques you can try to ensure your customers want to recommend you to their peers.

1. Treat your customers

Giving your customers an above average customer experience is the best way to encourage them to recommend you to friends and family, so make sure the basics of your operation is customer-experience orientated. Ensure your staff is friendly, polite and helpful at all times, and go out of your way to make sure the customer is happy.

2. Digital tools

There are several online tools you can use to encourage your clients to leave you a review online, such as email reminders, social media apps and website plug-ins. 

3. Equip the customer

Make it easy for your customer to review you to their friends by equipping them with reasons to talk about your business. This could be anything from insider knowledge, great service or a great story. In recent years, a popular trend has emerged for companies to supply a founding story to their customers, often using social media to spread this message, and it has proved extremely effective. 

4. Don't forget to ask

The best way to get a review from a customer? Ask. Ask them to tell their friends and family about your business. Ask them to leave you a review on Facebook. If you're up for any awards, as them to vote for you. You'd be surprised how effective this direct approach can be! 

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