Should you text your customers? | Star Creative Weekly

Local business owners in West Cork have so many opportunities to get in touch with their customers - the local newspaper, email marketing, social media and word-of-mouth among others. But have you ever thought about texted your customers?

One of the main benefits of text message marketing is that SMS open rates are exceptionally high - a recent report showed them to be 98%, while the conversion rate skews towards 45%. This ensures a much higher return on investment than more traditional online marketing strategies. 

However, there are limitations on SMS marketing - space and cost being just a couple. But if you have a reader database, here are some ideas of ways you can use text messaging to reach your customers:

1. Sales Campaigns

Having a sale or hosting a big event? If used sparingly, text messaging can have huge impact in letting your customers know about your latest offer or campaign. The direct contact tends to grab attention and if timed wisely, you could tap into a huge market you would otherwise have missed. 

2. Order confirmation

Let your customers know that you're on top of their order by sending them a confirmation text message with an update on when it will be ready for pick up/delivery. 

3. Coupon

Why not run a special offer over text message? Let you customers have a special discount if they present the message on their phone in store on a particular day. Not only are you getting people into your store, you're also rewarding engagement. 

4. Appointment reminder

If you're in a business that involves appointments with customers, text messaging is a great way to send appointment reminders, which in turn minimise no shows.

5. Surveys

Ask your customers to complete a survey after they make a purchase with you via text message. Not only will you get their feedback, they're also more likely to engage with your survey if you prompt them over text. 

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