How to build a customer email database (and why!)

Email is an amazing marketing tool that is vastly under-used in West Cork. Imagine the direct contact of a mailshot, but with only a fraction of the cost? That's why almost every local business could benefit from an emailing marketing strategy, and why you should consider starting one, if you haven't already. 

If you already have a list of customers emails, did you know that your database degrades by about 22% each year? That's from people unsubscribing, changing emails or opting out. So it's important to keep on top of your gathering methods to keep it alive!

Below we've outlined how to build a customer email database. Need some help sending emails? We can do it for you! Get in touch today about costing.

1. Ask 

The first step to building your email database is by asking people to sign up. Put a link to an online form (we love mailchimp!) on your website or social media and simply ask people to input their email to stay on top of the latest products and services you offer. You'd be surprised by how many will say yes! 

2. Give an incentive

After the initial burst of sign-ups, you may find you have to offer incentives to keep people subscribed. Whether it's special discounts or free gifts, you may find you can justify this cost with your return on investment. 

3. Use it

Don't let your email list languish in a spreadsheet somewhere - use it. Even if it's just once a quarter, a simple email to update your customers will keep your business on their mind and they will be less likely to unsubscribe.

4. Make forwarding easy

Encourage your subscribers to forward the email to their friends by making it easy and attractive to do so. You may get some new sign ups with this method.

5. Give back

Your email subscribers deserve a little love in return. Experiment with email exclusive discounts or event invitations to keep your loyal customers happy. 

Need help with marketing? 

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