West Cork business advice: Should I run an Adwords campaign?

Many of our digital clients ask us about the merits of running an AdWord campaign for their business, and whether or not it is a good idea. PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising is a useful tool when used as part of an overall digital marketing strategy to achieve business objectives. AdWords is one kind of PPC and refers to the ads seen on top of Google's search engine results page (and also display adverting and video ads across the Google network). 

So is Adwords right for your business? It depends on your objectives. If your strategy involves getting people to your website, Adwords could help deliver the clicks you need. Read on below for some things to bear in mind when deciding whether or not to try an Adwords campaign. 


The nice thing about a PPC campaign is if you're willing to bid enough, you can be more or less guaranteed that your ad will appear on top of Google. Reaching the top of the Google results page organically through Search Engine Optimisation is another matter altogether, and organic ratings are notoriously volatile. You could be at the top of Google one day and at the bottom of page 2 the next. That's why the stability of PPC is a plus.

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One of the benefits of a Google AdWords campaign is that it is incredibly localised - you can choose who the ad is shown to within a particular radius. So, for example, if you are a hairdresser in Clonakilty, you can choose to have your ad served within a 15 mile radius of Clonakilty, thus ensuring your ad is only going to people locally and that you're not wasting money on clicks outside of your immediate vicinity. 


Another nice feature of Adwords is the ability to only run your ads on the days that your business is open/ that you want to encourage leads. Say, for example, you're a plumber from Skibbereen. You can turn on your Adwords campaign on Monday morning and you might get 10 calls before the end of Monday. Soon, you've booked enough appointments to last the week - so you can turn off your campaign until you need to generate some more business. Easy! 


Many business owners decide to split their PPC budget between social advertising (eg Facebook ads or promoted Tweets) and Adwords. You will have to decide the right breakdown for your business - some people decide to go 50/50, but others tend to weight their budget more towards Adwords if they are trying to get more visitors to their website. 

Wording + Keywords

The last thing to consider when building your Adwords campaign is wording. You'll have to think carefully about which keywords to bid on and do your research on what your competitors are doing. Adword Planner has great tools to help you design your ad, so this is something you can keep an eye on as you build your ad. 

Need help? 

We can set up and manage your Adwords campaign for you. Here at Star Creative, our expert team is on hand to help take your business to the next level by providing design, print and digital services to suit you. Give us a call now or email us to get a no-obligation quote.