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3 steps to building a digital strategy for your local business | Star Creative

3 steps to building a digital strategy for your local business | Star Creative

More and more, local business around West Cork are learning that they can't ignore digital, and that every business needs an online strategy, however basic. Many small business owners get intimidated by the thought of building a new strategy from scratch, but in reality the process can be boiled down to the following three steps:

Using video to promote your local business | Star Creative

As online marketing continues to adapt and develop with changing digital trends, video is emerging as a growing marketing tool. And with relatively low overhead costs, it can be a perfect fit for most local businesses. 

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer traffic, according to Cisco. Many social media platforms (including Facebook) have introduced autoplaying videos, and video playback quality and load time has improved massively with an increase in Internet speeds.

As a result, more and more local business owners are asking themselves "How can video help my small business?"

Whether you're shooting a promo yourself with a selfie stick and an iPhone, or getting help from professionals to create a more polished product, the beauty of video marketing is that it allows your customers to get to see your products/services up close, and also get to know the people involved with your business. 

Below we've outlined some popular ways of approaching video marketing, but there's an unlimited amount you can do with the medium of video. If you need any help, why not get in touch with us so we can make your video idea a reality?

1. Video Portfolio

Create a video that outlines very clearly what you're offering customers. Use this as an opportunity to show the variety of the services you can offer. In the below example, Star Creative using a mixture of examples from marketing and testimonial videos and events and sports coverage to show the technical range of our video team. 

2. Comedy

Show your personality by adding a little fun to your video promotion. This types of videos work particularly well on social media and our certain to get people talking about the offer you're promoting. In the below example, a local business owner puts on a different hat (literally!) as a French artist to hilarious effect. 

3. Event coverage

If your business is involved with a local event, why not use it as an opportunity to create a promotional video? Not only are you appealing to an audience who already have an interest in your sector, you're also highlighting your support of local events. The below example from the West Cork Sports Awards was particularly effective.

What next? 

Decided it's time to make a video for your business? Take a look at some of our other video examples, and get in touch with our team to organise a consultation.

5 ways to grow your Facebook followers

Blog post: 5 Ways to Grow your Facebook followers

Facebook can be a wonderful tool for small and medium businesses. Not only does it allow you to connect directly with your customers, it also gives your business credibility and lets you reach potential new customers both organically and with paid promotions.  

If your page is still in its early days, or you'd simply like to grow your audience, there is lots you can do to improve your presence on Facebook. This post explains 5 easy ways to increase the amount of likes on your business page.

1. Consistency

The biggest mistake small businesses make is to launch into a new marketing strategy without forward planning, only to run out of steam after a few weeks. Choose a schedule that works for you - perhaps you only have time to post once a day or set amount of times per week.

2. Optimise

Use the scheduling tool to set up posts in advance (this technique works best with content that isn't time sensitive). Utilise Facebook Insights to find out when your audience is most engaged and set your posts within that timeframe for maximum impact. 

3. Collaboration

Tap into a larger audience by collaborating with a business with a wider reach. Not only will you be tapping into a new market, you'll also build a relationship with a fellow local business. Approach a company that complements your offering and organise a giveaway or special offer.

4. Social

When using social media for business, it's important to remember the key word - "Social". Remember to keep your feed friendly and allow it to show the personality of your business. You'll get much better engagement if you mix promotional material with genuinely engaging content.

5. Budget

Consider your social media marketing budget in advance. Using Facebook's "Boost" tool is particularly useful for smaller business to ensure their posts get seen by their target audience. You can winnow your selected audience by age, location and interest to ensure the people who would most about your business are seeing your content. 

Need help with online marketing?

We can help. Get in touch to find out about how our digital team can transform your online presence and take your business to new heights.